Barratt, Dr Jane

Dr Jane Barratt

Secretary General, International Federation on Ageing

Jane Barratt is the Secretary General of the International Federation on Ageing (IFA), which comprises government, industry, academic and non-governmental members in over 70 countries, representing some 75 million older people. The IFA is a global point of connection for experts and expertise that help to shape and influence age-related policy globally.
At the heart of the work of the IFA and Dr Barratt’s leadership is the fundamental right of older people to be enabled to do what they value, as opposed to what society thinks that they value. In essence protecting and respecting the rights of older people. Jane has direct responsibility for the organization’s global operational performance, quality and strategic implementation, and business development. This includes leadership at the United Nations Economic and Social Council in New York, Geneva and Vienna and formal relations with the WHO Department Ageing and Life-course. She is a member of the Executive Committee for the WHO Global Network for Age-friendly Cities and Communities, which is responsible for setting global strategic direction and various associated international expert committees. She has many national and international roles, including the Standing Selection Committee Chair for the Networks of Centres of Excellence of Canada and is a former member of the Global Agenda Council on Ageing for the World Economic Forum.