Cutmore, Harry

Harry Cutmore

Oxley Local Area Command, Aboriginal Liaison Officer

There were 15 children in Harry Cutmore’s family, so you could say he’s always been keeping the peace in some form. Born in Victoria, he was raised in Moree, worked in sawmills and as a labourer before becoming a policeman. Harry can remember it was the Royal Commission into Aboriginal deaths in Custody which led him to the Police Force. “I thought I’d take the opportunity to get in have a go and make a difference for my people,” he says. Harry’s role in liaison works on many levels, between the police and indigenous people and the wider community as well. He says there is a balancing act trying to make people understand his jobs is just as important helping the perpetrators of crime as the victims, and he says it’s at times busy because he is the only Liaison officer with the Oxley LAC at the moment.