EAAA Networking Event – Sunday 18 February

Elder Abuse Action Australia is a growing network of organisations and individuals that work in elder abuse prevention and support services around Australia. At previous National Elder Abuse conferences, participants wanted to work nationally on elder abuse. At the last conference in Melbourne (2016) EAAA gathered a lot of momentum. Recently the Commonwealth Attorney-General’s Department has provided EAAA with two years of funding for one position.

On Sunday evening February 18 from 5.30 to 8pm there will be an EAAA building event at the conference venue. People interested to learn about EAAA, its membership and its direction into the future are encouraged to attend.

Elder Abuse Action Australia (EAAA) is the national voice responding to and preventing elder abuse. Its aims are to:

  • Develop and promote systemic policy reforms regarding elder abuse to national government, non-government  institutions and the business community
  • Raise community awareness and educate the community regarding elder abuse
  • Communicate, share and co-ordinate information, resources and practice for national consistency and efficiency

This will be an opportunity to shape this emerging organisation that is unique due to its multidisciplinary membership.

As you register for the conference you will be given an option to attend the Sunday evening event. It will cost $30 to attend this facilitated networking evening and dinner will be provided.